PERFORMdANCE #30 IN SALZBURG 18.9.- 15.10.2020

as part of and in cooperation with the tanz_house festival and with ARGEkultur

Tickets at Tel. +43 662 84 87 84 /

2.) Seite 2- 2.&3.4.  ebc Human (c)Kuba_

Sep 18th, at 7.30pm & Sep 19th at 6pm

On How to Deal with a Human – Carte blanche für Iris Heitzinger

e b c – editta braun company_heitzinger

ARGEkultur, tanz_house studio 

ticket prices: 14/12 (AK/VVK)

06.10.2020 um 20:00 Uhr


Andrea K. Schlehwein + NETZWERK AKS
#shivering [from the ACCUMULATIONS series]
und Tomas Danielis, Kim Ceysens, Martina De Dominicis & Alberto Cissello, Martyna Lorenc, Lisa Hinterreithner
ARGEkultur, tanz_house Studio,

ticket preice: 22/18 (AK/VVK)

10.10.2020 um 20:30 Uhr

e s c a p e

CieLaroque/helene weinzierl

ARGE Saal,

ticket price: EUR 14/12 (AK/VVK)

14. & 15.10.2020 um 18:00 Uhr

und aus

Blaue Hunde

ARGEkultur, tanz_house studio,

ticket price: 14/12 (AK/VVK)

15.10.2020 um 20:30 Uhr

The Study Stuck

Shmeeshmoo Company, Martin Kilvady

ARGE Saal,

ticketprice: 14/12 (AK/VVK)

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