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Performdance 2021


WORKSHOP AUDITION for professional dancers 29.03. - 01.04.2021  10 am – 1 pm in SALZBURG,

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For further information and to sign in please send Facebook PM to Martin Kilvady or to the email address martin.kilvady@gmail.com

Limited number of participants!


1 WEEK STUDY INTENSIVE – full immersion into particular physical Craft, fuelled by love for Dancing, soaked in Stage Experience and inspired by everyday need of Eeeling Good For the past

25 years Martin has been present in the field of professional contemporary dance. He enjoyed studying, embracing the intricacies of creative processes, he spent countless hours

with people he likes, globetrotting and presenting his work. All these experiences contributed towards the crystallisation of Martin's Dancing, Martin's Dance Style. What he is proposing is a 1 month study process of his dance craft. You will experience a unique amalgam of specific, personal body work methods and dancing. Martin believes that the study process will radically enlarge your movement vocabulary and teach you how to use the body language more eloquently.

The program is suitable for professional dancers, circus artists, body work professionals with activate and regular physical practice, professional sportsWo(men) martial artists or yoga practitioners.


Martin Kilvady, born 1974 in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia,

teacher education in contemporary dance and Master of Arts at the Acamdemy of Performing Arts in Bratislava. Choreographers and teachers who most influenced his further development as a dancer are Jan Durovcik and Libor Vaculik. From 1992 to 1996 member of the Torzo Ballet Company and as a freelancer at the Opera/Ballet Bratislava Slovakia .

1997 he became member and danced in numerous performances of Anna Teresa de Keersmaeker‘s ROSAS dance company. The teachings of David Zambrano and Chrysa Parkinson widened his dance horizons. Between 2001 and 2004, he collaborated with the choreographer Roberto Olivan. 2002-2004circus company Rital Brocante. 2003 he became member of Thomas Hauert‘s company ZOO. Kilvady is co-founder of Les Slovaks Dance Collective. They created „OPENING NIGHT“, „JOURNEY HOME“ and „ FRAGMENTS“. Martin has been involved in more than 30 original creations and performed through out all the continents. He is guiding an ongoing movement research and has been teaching for more than 25 years. 


For visual impressions please check, Martin Kilvady: https://youtu.be/I3RBXQEBcec